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In My Place


I pretty much have the most perfect place to live… I’m currently living with my friend Nick in his house that he has been completely remodeling inside and out.  He offered back in January (when the three of them were trying to convince me to move to Asheville) to rent me one of the rooms in his house just north of downtown, and I now live in the cutest room this side of the French Broad…

I’ve always loved to organize things, but actually keeping them that way has been a struggle.  I also tend to be super cluttered and I always, always, always procrastinate.  However, I told myself that this was going to be a fresh new start.  That I was going to stay organized and not be so messy.  So, my very first day I unpacked everything!  That’s a huge deal for me!  Liz and Lina were awesome and patiently hung out on my bed until I needed their help in making executive decisions on where certain things should go!


Nick generously furnished my room with the bed, two dressers, a full length mirror and a wardrobe, and they are absolutely perfect and compliment all of my things!  By the end of the afternoon the room changed into my perfect little creative space!  (And it’s still organized!)




I’m so happy to have such a cute room that was a completely blank canvas to make my own little creative space.  It definitely feels like home!