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If You’re Going Downtown…

The biggest part of my Asheville explorations have been downtown. I love the quirkiness here.  There are brightly colored buildings, street artists, murals, cute cafes and amazing restaurants.  





However, my favorite thing downtown (so far) is Downtown After 5.  It’s the third Friday of every month (May-Sept) from 5-9.  There are food trucks, drinks, a concert and good times to be had!  


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I have some pretty incredible friends here.  Liz and Lina are more than friends, they’re my family here, and I am so glad!  We have way too much fun together!


Photo by Liz

Although American Aquarium is great, we honestly were having way too much fun cracking up and taking loads of silly photos to truly pay attention to the music.  

Liz: top right and left bottom


Liz: Right


When people asked me what I was going to be doing in Asheville I didn’t really have a good answer.  I don’t have a job lined up, in fact I won’t even be in the U.S. for the month of July, but I’ve figured out what it is that I’m doing: I’m living and loving every minute of it. 


Both photos by Liz


Down By The River



Floating or rafting the French Broad River is a big part of living in Asheville, and it’s a something I hope to take part in this summer, but there’s another really amazing thing to do at the French Broad… The Bywater, a private club that’s only $5 to join.


Photo by Lina

This amazing little gathering place is a laid back bar where you can bring your own BBQ, have a fire, play games, or simply lounge around, like we did, and spend time with friends!  They have beer and a handful of delicious cocktails (my favorite so far is the Berry Picker).  They frequently have a food truck there as well, and last night I got to have a carrot dog… It. Was. Awesome.


Liz, Lina and I met up with a couple of their friends and it was great getting to know a few more people in Asheville.  It was really great because everyone had their own story of their own personal version of Asheville and how this city fits their individual lives.

photo 4

Photo by Liz

 I did a lot of “domestic” things yesterday, so this was a great relaxation/internal celebration of completing my first full day in Asheville.  I feel so comfortable here, and I feel so confidant.


I’m having fun all the time, genuinely having fun.  I have these pretty incredible people in my life here that I can’t get over our connection, and the way they instantly became just like family to me.  I have no words to adequately describe how much they mean to me, and how much they make my experience here better than I could have imagined.


Photo by Lina